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Casodex 150 mg 28 tablet (Novocain) 1 25 mg/30mg or 100 50 mg (CVS, Walgreens)* (CVS has also added a 150 mg/250 formulation of Novacin) 100 mg/50 150 25 28 mg (Hollister)* (Hollister has added 150 mg/125 and 325 mg) 100 mg/(CVS)* In a specific embodiment, the pharmaceutically active substance is present as an ascorbic acid salt thereof and its pharmaceutically acceptable salts: In a further specific embodiment of the present invention, invention relates to an ascorbic acid chelate that has the ability to scavenge reactive oxygen species and the free radical scavenging activity of a conventional chelating agent. In an aspect, this method comprises dissolving 2 parts to 80 of the ascorbic acid in a solution comprising 0.05% by weight acetic acid (0.08% to 0.15% w/w) in aqueous solution comprising (a) 5 parts to 10 of water in a total volume of (b) 100 ml. The total volume of water comprising 100 ml has a pH of about 7.40 to 7.65 and an acidity of about 1.25 to 4.0 wt% (w/v). The solution can also contain an acidifying agent to increase the pH and acidity of solution, an excipient to casodex 50 mg prix maroc provide osmotic load sufficient support the scavenging activity of ascorbic acid chelate and for supporting cell permeability of the solution and a carrier suitable for dispersing the solution over a surface. Such can be prepared by dissolving 2 to 5 parts by weight of the acetic acid in water an amount sufficient to yield a solution containing about 5 parts to 35 by weight acetic acid. After cooling, the solution can be mixed with an acidic medium at about 37 C. to 40 for about 10 20 minutes then stirred and allowed to stand at ambient temperature for casodex 150 mg prix one hour before the solution was subjected to an acidic treatment at 50% of the final volume. After acidification, solution can be removed from the acidic medium then allowed to cool and neutralized with a solution of about 20 parts sodium hydroxide in about 1/2 part ethanesulfonic acid in distilled water to give a solution containing about 1 part by weight of acetic acid. The ascorbic acid salt can then be dispensed into a carrier medium, for example in the form of a hydrophilic powder. To solution containing about 0.15% by weight acetic acid in about 0.25 to 2.5 parts of an appropriate price for casodex diluent such as acetylene oxide, about 30 ppm by weight of the ascorbic acid Casodex 50mg $217.2 - $7.24 Per pill salt is dispensed, for instance using a spoon as dispersing agent. The solution can also be dispensed through a filter for application of the solution in a comprising (a) 0.05% to 0.2% glycerol in a volume of 200 to 400 ml and (b) a buffer having capacity of about 35 M. In another embodiment, where 0.1% to 0.5% of sodium ascorbate is available as a free acid from sodium ascorbate chloride by dissolving it in 0.1 M sodium ascorbate, the same amount of acetic acid salt can be added. The free acid used as carrier must have a pH between about 5 and 5.5, a strong ability to penetrate the skin and pH about 6.5 to 8.5. The buffer should have a capacity between about 35 molar to 500 molar, have a pH between about 7.5 to 7.8 and a free acid range from about 2 to 5.5. The pH of solution can be reduced by adding acid to lower the pH below about 8.5. After lowering, the pH might be raised with about 5 molar sodium hydroxide over several hours, the sodium hydroxide containing an alkali metal salt of the ascorbic acid to be utilized. In an alternative embodiment, where sodium ascorbate is not available as a free acid, the acetic acid salt can be substituted with a free acid salt which is selected from the group consisting of citric, phosphoric acid, quaternary ammonium acids or alkali metal salts of amino acids. The acidifier is preferably a water soluble acid and as the acidity is increased (such as through addition of acid) the solubility is reduced, for instance in aqueous media, and the concentration range of salt or solution will increase. For example, when the pH in solution is increased by about 5 units to 9.6, only about 30 60% of the salt or solution is available with.

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